James Valvano talks about state-of-the-art medical alert bracelets and gives a Q & A:



A Technological Approach Toward Huntington’s Disease Safety and Education

MyID! Medical Alert Bracelets and ID Card for Huntington’s and Juvenile Huntington’s Disease! from WeHaveAFace.org on Vimeo.

In the early part of November 2015, I received a phone call from


Daniel Medina (Patient Advocate – Community Outreach for HDCare.org).  He began to tell me about a Medical ID bracelet that he had been researching for quite awhile.


Daniel explained how the product worked, and it sparked not only excitement, but also a light bulb switched on in both of our heads!  Literally within 48 hours, we connected with ENDEVR – the creator of the MyID! Medical ID Alert Bracelets and ID Cards.


Through emails and conference calls,


Frances Saldaña (Founder and President of HDCare.org), and Daniel, agreed that this was a vital opportunity to work together on this project.


“My son had horrible experiences with local police while riding his bike to work. My youngest daughter was detained by campus police while walking to class. My oldest daughter was apprehended by a security guard while trying to register her child for kindergarten. These scenarios are too common among the HD community. This medical bracelet can help educate our police, EMS, and fire rescue workers. It will definitely assist in identifying a person with Huntington’s disease and serve as a tool for a rapid and comprehensive response. ” – Frances Saldaña.


Cooperatively, HDCare.org and WeHaveAFace.org have joined efforts to pioneer these medical alerts and offer them to our Huntington’s community – worldwide.  We partnered with ENDEVR and look forward to bringing about a much-needed technological approach towards education and safety.


Daniel Medina has championed this effort to provide this dynamic and unique approach to help keep our peers in the Huntington’s community safe.  – “These bracelets are just one of the tools in our toolbox to keep our community safe and to broaden awareness of Huntington’s to our community professionals. Our aim is to apply for grants in 2016 so we can offer these ID’s to our people for free.”


Community Member Q&A:


How do these medical bracelets work?

This is a fantastic question, and quite honestly, it literally “sold” me on embracing this product!



A person who has HD/JHD is out in the community, and they were in an accident, lost, or found in a situation with law enforcement, EMS, or Fire Rescue.  The MyID! Medical Bracelet expresses the international symbol that alerts first responders that you are wearing a safety medical ID.  Moreover, this product has a technological approach!  The community responder can quickly scan the barcode found within the inside of the band with any Android/Apple scanner application.  Once they scan the barcode, a medical bio of the person will appear on their phone with urgent information about the HD/JHD person.  The bystander or community official will then better understand how to “treat” the situation.  If the bystander or the community official does not have the ability to use a scanner application on their phone, they can simply dial the number that is printed beneath the barcode on the medical bracelet.  They will receive all of the vital and necessary information over the phone, which will allow them to act in the appropriate fashion to better assist the HD/JHD patient!


How much does it cost and how do it get it?

HDCare.org and WeHaveAFace.org have received exclusive discounted pricing of $15.95 per bracelet.  Upon checkout, this discount will be applied.  If you choose to purchase the ID Card, there is also a discounted price applied upon checkout!

To learn more about the MyID! Medical Alert Bracelet and ID Card, please visit: http://www.WeHaveAFace.org/ID


What happens when I get the ID?  What do I do?

This is yet another great question!  This technological product comes nicely packages and with simple instructions!  Every purchase comes with a free lifetime account with ENDEVR and gives you clear and concise steps to build your online profile.  This profile will be the page that bystanders will see when they scan the MyID! Medical Alert Bracelet.  It also comes with a free year of premium profile service!  Following the year, you have the option of keeping the premium account for $9.95 per year.  I am currently using the free for life profile and it suits the needs of what we need in the Huntington’s community!  However, $9.95 per year after the first year free is an awesome deal!


Is there support for these bracelets?

Yes!  ENDEVR is always there to help our Huntington’s community!  Anytime you have a question, you can call them directly.  However, WeHaveAFace.org and HDCare.org have created a Facebook group to support all of our international Huntington’s disease users who have purchased the medical alert products.  We use them ourselves; so coming to us for questions and concerns should be your first option.  The link to the Facebook Group:




Currently, we live in the age of technology, and we will continue to harness every technological avenue to help our community, and community professionals!  Education is paramount, as well as the safety of our peers in the Huntington’s community.  Our community leaders need viable and advanced tools to better help them, help us!


We are in the process of connecting with Police, EMS, and Fire Rescue workers across the nation.  Utilizing various social networking, we are receiving positive responses from many across all 50 states.  Inasmuch, we will be releasing many PSA’s which will be seen by our professionals and community members worldwide.


Please contact us directly if you wish to help us by contacting your local Police, EMS, and Fire Rescue teams.  Using social networking and a technological approach towards education and safety is key.  By offering these technological and comprehensive medical alerts, will indeed help provide our communities with the missing piece to the puzzle of Huntington’s awareness and safety!

100% of proceeds from purchases of these MyID! Alerts will allow WeHaveAFace.org and HDCare.org to provide these products to HD/JHD community members who are unable to purchase them.

You Are Loved,

James Valvano






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