Hard reset

My husband noticed it first. When I learned to walk again, my stride was longer than it had ever been before. Before I forgot how to walk, I trailed behind him on walks. Now he can barely keep up with me. 

But improvement has pervaded many areas of my life. I am exuberant, capable, and joyfully doing things I previously was unable to do, like grocery shop and cook dinners. Eager for errands and outings, I now say yes instead of no. I am present in the moment and I sparkle. 

My best friend Nina said it best in this text she sent me this morning:

“Good morning! Idk know what has happened to you but I want you to know it has made me know that miracles can happen. You are the Sarah from before and I can see the happiness in your eyes. I also see you are appreciating what has been given back to you and going full force with it. Take those dancing lessons or whatever else might interest you. Thanks for the visit from your extraordinarily family and renewing my trust in miracles.  Your bff🦄❤️”

I don’t know what has happened to me either but it seems likely as anything else that my brain had sort of a hard restart and my abilities got reset to a previous, more gloriously normal, level of functionality. 

And I am grateful for all of it. 

It was worth the time in the wheelchair, the ensuing medical bills, if this was what came of it.

You just never know why things happen. 

Sometimes, like now, I am getting a glimpse of a divine reordering. I am standing under the flow of life and transmuting energy into joyful, grateful existence. 

I am embodying the energy that was returned to me and going with it. 


5 thoughts on “Hard reset

  1. isn’t that interesting? It may have been something like a restart. I hope the medical society picks up on that. or It may have been God giving you a blessing for you being you;))

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