It’s called apraxia

My brain tells my legs to move but they don’t act on the message. That’s what the doctors said. The jury is still out over whether it is due to HD or my brain’s response to some upset. The only way I’ll know is if I get better.

Usually people with HD who have apraxia have it in their arms instead of their legs. In fact, in my limited research thus far, I haven’t found any documentation on apraxia and walking and HD.

I am really grateful to the readers of this blog who encouraged me to seek medical attention. That very night, my husband and I went to Duke Hospital and have just returned today.

With a wheelchair.

But also with a long running set of appointments with a physical therapist who is going to teach me how to walk again.

Apparently, I will be more successful if this is not HD-related.

Therefore, I am praying that I can re-train my brain and walk again soon.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


4 thoughts on “It’s called apraxia

  1. I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who have Ataxia which is similar to Apraxia it just involves a different location in the brain and it does have a correlation with MS but not Huntington’s.
    You may want to ask about water therapy. You are assisted into a very warm pool and you walk in waist deep water which is easier on your joints and reduces the amount of effort it takes to move. Some doctors snub the idea of water therepy for people with Huntington’s but you should be allowed to try with a therepist or husband standing beside you and you need to wear a life vest. Otherwise, have a fanatastic weekend and sending healing vibes from Greenville, SC

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  2. Can’t send enough love and well wishes. I’m not a prayer, but I’m doing that too, Sarah. Deeply stunned and shaken, to read these last two posts. It’s SO hard to believe that this could be strictly brain, but I’ll hope for that…. Sending love.

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