DIY HD getting-through-the day kit

Let me tell you about my latest coping mechanism. A steppingstone in my quest to minimize the frustration of the progression of HD.

I got the idea from the people in the ATT store. They have these cool Apple aprons that they use during their shift. They can transact entire deals using the content of those aprons. Except they would not sell me one. So I had to go online.

For the past weeks, during my daily life at home, I have have had notebooks in every room with the same dates and notes written on all of them but haven’t been able to remember that I had written anything.

I have been in a state of not knowing when things are happening no matter how many alarms I set for myself and emails.

Also,wherever I go, I have wished that I had certain things all together with me, like my phone, reading glasses, something to jot things down on, etc. It is an infuriating cycle that repeats daily.

I was spinning on the heavy duty cycle of confusion one night when I happened to come across the item pictured above on a Facebook store. I think it was New chic but am not certain. It definitely came from China and took its time. It was only 15 dollars US so I bought it.

It came yesterday and I have been experimenting with it as a tool to get me through the typical day. The bag sits comfortably over my front and has room for all the items I listed above that I need to function. There is also room for an old fashioned calendar. There is enough room to keep a portable battery in it so I can charge my phone wherever I am. There is enough room for a kindle fire. If I were into using earplugs, there’s an orafice for the wire to go through from the bag to my ear. It has lots of pockets. And when I go to the bathroom I can just sling it over my shoulder and it is out of the way.

I am going to use it this week. Just wear it around from the minute I wake up until bedtime and see what other things might come in handy. Like maybe an emergency bottle of antipsychotics or some moisturizing eye drops.

It has room on either side for small bottles of water but I drink from enormous containers and I think negotiating the smaller bottles and straps could challenge my fine motor skills and I want to eliminate challenges.

So far it feels like a cross between carrying a baby in a sling and wearing a fanny pack that I can see and reach.

I already know I want to have an HD info card in there. I have emergency numbers.

I will let you know how it goes and if it is useful. Please suggest anything that you might think could come in handy.

So far so good.


7 thoughts on “DIY HD getting-through-the day kit

  1. This is a great idea. Just a technical issue. I have your blog listed on my blog and the image that goes with this post is huge and kinda taking over my page. can you make it smaller somehow? I can’t figure out how to fix it.

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  2. Your coping skills are amazing;) Great suggestion. As you know, I’m negative for the disease, but I am always trying to find ways to keep organized, mostly with sticky notes. Thanks for the share

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