The importance of friends

It cannot be understated.

Yet I have realized that, after two nearly two years, I’ve never written about it.

After my husband, I have best friends-in-the-whole-wide-world.

BFINTWWW  love me as much as I love them.

I can not talk to them for weeks, but always know that they are there for me.

And, individually or collectively, they seem to always be coming up with things for us to do, places to go, bucket list items to cross off, and other ways of filling life with beauty so large that it blots out the bad stuff.

They are the ones who call me after I’ve been in hibernation.

The ones who have such a great capacity to love that they of course have many other friends. But they make me feel special and loved. And not because I have HD. They either knew me before I became aware of the HD and have made the choice to stick around or they have gotten to know the parts of me that peek around the HD and accept the me that I am.

Sometimes I think about the people who have discarded me but I do not miss them the way I used to before I realized that I was only doing the best with what I’ve been dealt.

People have just stopped talking to me and never acknowledged my words again. My usefulness or value to some people has expired. I have been cut loose because I “made the same mistakes over and over without growing from them.” I have been let go because I was not positive enough. I have received bitter diatribes because I no longer properly embody the role that was originally cast for me.  When I look back at my life and my friendships,  I readily admit that I was a pretty shitty excuse for a friend sometimes.

But all I can do is try to do better going forward.

And in the spirit of moving forward, today and every day, I thank the special people who have chosen to love me. The people who make my life whole and worth living.

I am simply blessed.



2 thoughts on “The importance of friends

  1. Friends are very important in our life indeed. I think that God has been watching over me and blessing me with a good family who will protect me because o my character. I also have good friends whom I know while teaching in the same school. When I go out with them, they will help me with buying of food and drink. They also sponsor my meals. Helping me with my cycling. Gave me a large print ESV Bible for my Baptism. Of course they do not want me to go back to US. They are worry that I will not be able to take care of myself. They are also afraid that I will not be able to get my alimony and my 50% share for selling the house. It is always a blessing to have friends who love and care for you despite having HD. This is so different on my daughter and soon to be ex husband. Tonight I went to have my meal outside and saw a lady. She just came back from New Zealand and does not have a place to live. Her friend sold off the house and her mom does not want her home. She also told me she has a health condition. She told me that I am indeed a blessed person.I hope she will contact me so that I can try to help her. It is tough to have a public apartment from the government. There are regulations for buying new or used ones especially for the single. Always loving you


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