Closer to fine

After a few dicey days

or maybe they were weeks

or maybe it was the whole summer

I see a bit of light.

If I follow it, I think it could help me escape from where I’ve been trapped, an emotional cage that has felt like the hot, dark trunk of a stranger’s car.

I’m taking the extra, discretionary pill. I’m doing the exercise. I am following suggestions.

And even though I forgot to wash out the conditioner, I took a shower.

As recently as last night, it could have gone either way. But I am feeling some clarity that I’ve missed for a long time and I’m holding on to it. I am thankful today to be alive and to be able to have another pass at enjoying life.

So many people I know have lost one or more family members to HD recently and there are also some families that are winding up for that final unraveling.

To the Valvano family and the other families who are preparing either to memorialize their loved ones, or to bear down and stay with them through the end, I have thought about you and prayed for you often. I’ve remembered you, even while in the trunk. My thoughts have often been about you and the love that you feel for your loved ones and about the love the HD community itself emanates.

And somehow, wanting to stretch my arms across the miles to hold you has helped bring me closer to fine.


5 thoughts on “Closer to fine

  1. Sis sis
    Your compassion and love for life uplifts me every time I see or read it ! Feel my arms around you today …. Bathing you in the reflection of your beauty !!!! You are such a treasure to me that came as such a surprise …. At a time I so desperately needed it. Thank u for inspiring me everyday to be my best…. Always always always loving you ….. Sister sister ( double aunt)

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  2. Glad to know you have a wonderful day. It is funny about the conditioner on your head. I have been so busy with my life. My Baptism classes ended and i will be baptized on Sunday. I have been also been busy with looking for a room to rent in Boston areas. I had sent the divorce agreement to my lawer and she will check out for me whether there are more discrepancies than what I told her. I do get tired sometimes dealing with my life. But I do need to know how to continue to have faith in God. I believe in miracles. Love your posts as usual.

    Always loving you

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