WeHaveAnUpdate: JHD walk, HUBS and a cool radio show



The 1st Canadian Juvenile Huntington’s Disease Walk will be held in Brockville, Ontario on August 7, 2016. The event honors Erin Wade, pictured, who has JHD.


Proceeds from the walk will go straight to Dr. Jan Nolta and Dr. Kyle Fink’s Juvenile Huntington’s disease research at UC Davis Stem Cell Program.

“But the event,” says James Valvano of WeHaveAFace, facilitator of the walk, “is not about the money you raise but about how much awareness is raised.”

Registration begins at 10 a.m. The walk begins at 11 a.m. Contact Cindy Moore for details at (613) 246-4003 or moore179952@hotmail.com


WeHaveAFace Global HUBS – Huntington’s Universal Base Supports

One product of the recent WeHaveAFace.org Convention is the creation of more support for people with HD. WeHaveAFace Global HUBS will bridge gaps between physical support groups and virtual support groups by using Skype and FaceTime.  This will make it easier to create and maintain connections within the Huntington’s community no matter where you are.  Each of the geographic HUBS is facilitated by a WeHaveAFace representative for that location.  To find out where HUBS are or to help create HUBS for your neck of the world, follow the link.

According to James Valvano, “the goal is to support as many international Huntington’s communities as possible. We don’t wish to reinvent the wheel, just to fill in the gaps.”


“WeHaveAVoice” Radio

“WeHaveAVoice” Radio recently broke ground as a peer-to-peer radio show and community interest in the show has completely taken off. James Valvano says that so far the show has received discussion topics from nearly ten countries.  The reason I say the show is cool is that it is totally community-based and easy to relate to. You can listen to the show live on Spreaker or listen to recordings of the show. It feels like having a bunch of friends right there in your living room.


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