James Valvano wins HDSA Marjorie Guthrie Award

I’ve finally scraped myself off the ceiling after this one. I’ve been floating ecstatically since it happened.

James said he didn’t have a clue that he was going to receive any kind of award and that is one of the many reasons he so deserved what he got. He is completely and utterly selfless.

His waking hours are consumed by helping people with HD. I have watched him. He is always on. He never complains. He never loses hope. Always thinking about possibilities or turning them into realities. To him, dollars translate into the number of people that can be helped. To him, the award acknowledges a grassroots movement of people that he created, grew, sustained and nurtured. To him, the award is for them.

But I will be selfish for him. I will delight and dance on my tippy toes.

I am really grateful to HDSA for recognizing James for his years of hard work and perseverance. Choosing James was right, inevitable, obvious and beautiful.

For the HD world -filled with nightmares- this is a perfect bedtime story.

Guthrie Award


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