A window filled with light

For once, I can’t complain.

I am not being bothered by my HD symptoms. They are still there, but they are not bothering me.

I am neither sick, nor injured. I am well-rested.

I’ve stopped poisoning my body with unhealthy food.

And I will soon see a bunch of people who I love.

This has lasted for a string of days now, and I’m holding on to it as long as I can!

I’ve become so accustomed to describing the depths of despair, the rhythms of uncertainty and the cross hairs of the future, that it is difficult to describe these moments of precious peace, but I’ll try.

It is both feeling acceptance and accepted. It is the postponement of regret. It is the joyful embrace of now. Over and over, amen. What recently would have scared me now feels like a distant tickle. I am moving through the house that I love and every window I look out of is filled with light.

And every face I see or moment I imagine is a window.



4 thoughts on “A window filled with light

  1. Sis sis
    This is a really really good thing Sarah! Stay in your Heart and away from your mind and I believe the good fortune will continue here for you. Tom and I are taking a HeartMath class that is here in my garden 4 weeks in a row and if you goggle it you will see the values of staying close to the heart and all the sincerity and authenticity it brings to our health and well being.
    The mind/brain can ” dialogue” us away from the JOY of just being and all there is to celebrate.
    Im celebrating today ….. With you …… In spirit, souls and heart!
    Your sister sister


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