Fall Risk

On the yellow band slapped on my wrist at the neurologists office was printed “Fall Risk.”

That’s because I’ve fallen at least three times in the last six months.

When I checked in, I just thought they were asking to know how I was doing, so I was a bit taken aback when the yellow wristband came out.

I was a liability.

I guess it was good for people to know that there was a chance I could fall. But I couldn’t see myself wearing that bracelet every day of my life. I ripped it off as soon as I was out of there.

One bracelet I do wear every day of my life, that does not attract attention, is MyID. It is a thin, rubber bracelet with a medical symbol on the outside that I can hide any time I want just by moving it to the other side of my hand.

Nobody has to know my business.

But the inside of the bracelet is scannable. When  I registered MyID I typed in everything I thought people would want to know about Huntington’s disease as it relates to me and who they should contact and how to reach them. That way if I do fall and need help, people will know how to handle me. I can update it whenever I want.

I actually feel a little more confident wearing MyID. I didn’t realize I worried about “You never know what might happen” until I got MyID and noticed that I didn’t want to take it off.

And I haven’t. I might be a fall risk, but I know that I’m armed and ready.

BTW, WeHaveAFace.org  and HDCare.org have worked out a special deal for the HD Community with the company that makes the wristbands. Check it out here:





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