Uh Oh

I feel anxious.

I am making too many mistakes at my part time, work from home job, and I fear that the quality of my work overall is going downhill. I know that some of it has.

Maybe I’m just burned out.

I can’t apply “everyone makes mistakes” to myself because I don’t know where the line is between normal imperfection and cognitive malfunction.

I am scared that the people I do work for will get tired of dealing with all of the mistakes and will sever our relationship. That would make me very sad. I enjoy working with them.

This is the only part of my life that HD had not permeated. Everyone, everywhere, knows I have it, except for these people, because I just thought it would be nice to have a little pocket of normal.

But that pocket is being turned inside-out by my own questions and self-doubt.

Maybe I should tell them. At least they would realize that I can’t help the negligence.

Maybe they have googled me and read this blog, and we are keeping the secret from each other, to protect each other.

The sad fact is that, as I continue to work, the quality of my work will get poorer and poorer until I will have to stop. Unless I get an infusion of some sort of cure, that is definitely what is happening to my brain. It is tearing itself apart, or, rather, gumming itself together.

The other day, I went to my neurologist and after an hour of me telling him everything that was wrong with me, he concluded that I did not have chorea and thus implied that his work was done. He is a really nice guy, and I kind of wish that he had taken the time to validate the non-chorea deterioration I reported to him. Set aside the professionalism for a minute and say, you’re getting worse and it sucks. Maybe it is just too difficult for him to do that.

To wade in someone else’s pain.

For now I think I will take a day off from work and see if I bounce back.

It is no fun being scared about what you might not be able to do.

Especially if it is something you love.



4 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. Oh honey we all love you!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! I am so very sorry to hear that your neurologist didn’t take time to assess you. How long is it going to take before our doctors realize that this is more than a movement disorder???!!! I can’t wait to give you a HUG!!!! You Are Love!!!


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