Break with tradition

I don’t know if spraining my ankle on two Christmases constitutes a tradition. This time the stalk of end of my leg stepped on the outer side of my foot. I’m not sure why it isn’t broken, but I’m glad it is not. And I injured it just by walking, by taking a step. Nothing out of the ordinary, like jumping around. It has hurt too much for me to wonder whether or not to blame it on HD or make excuses, which is the thought process I apply to everything I do that is wrong or weird or scary, or nonconforming.

Anyway, all of my holiday preparations stopped Sunday when I injured my foot. I am hobbling along with my family to a nice restaurant tonight, and to some place we can find that is open tomorrow. It is 80 degrees here as well and it is usually in the 40s this time of year. Another reason it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I hope that the gift in this break with tradition is the lack of holiday stress. I still feel some expectation of sharing the perfect family moment. And Thanksgiving didn’t end so well. I certainly don’t want an encore performance of that.

I choose to be grateful that fate removed a lot of red and green hoops for me to jump through and handed me something I can handle emotionally as well as physically.

I hope you have the holiday you can handle and enjoy. Happy Holidays.


2 thoughts on “Break with tradition

  1. Perfection is overrated and rarely real. Enjoy the REAL moments you are sharing with those you love, whatever the traditions. Perhaps this foot thing is a way to make you slow down and take all of this in? We don’t get a re-do. Happy New Year, Sarah. xo


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