50 Happy things: bloggers unite in flood of gratitude

Dawn Landau of talesfromthemotherland.me is a wonderful blogger who writes about several topics, including how Huntington’s disease has affected her family. She is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and is one of the kindest people I have met online. I am pretty happy that she asked me to join in her blog party to write as many things made me happy in 2015 for in ten minutes  and in no particular order. So I guess that is number 1. Go to Dawn’s website for the details on how to participate and to see other bloggers’ lists.

2 I love my husband more than ever.

3 My sons are growing up into nice young men.

4 I have a great job that allows me to work from home.

5 My home: We bought it and I love it!

6 My friend Vana has annexed my yard as part of her garden.

7 I started hanging out with Vana.

8 I participated in the WeHaveaFace’s first annual walk for HD and JHD.

9 I met James Valvano and his family live and in person.

10 We had our third Paddle for HD to benefit HD Reach here in New Bern, NC

11 Lots of my friends came to the paddle.

12 The paddle raised money to help people with HD.

13 I didn’t break my ankle during my annual Christmas fall; it is only sprained.

14 My youngest son is climbing trees, reading maps and talking politics with the grown-up neighbors and that makes me happy.

15 My middle son fills my heart with joy whenever I look at him.

16 My oldest son is applying for colleges and I am proud and happy.

17 I have decided to spend a lot more time with my dog.

18 I love my groovy church and all the people there, including Catherine and Elana.

19 I am happy that Andrea sings at our church.

20 I have one of Andrea’s homemade hats.

21 I am glad that I was pretty healthy in 2015.

22 My brother and I have improved our relationship.

23 My brother does a wonderful job taking care of my mom, who has HD.

24 My mom is still around and kicking.

25 Thanksgiving was a big, happy event with a lot of people including all the boys, bro and mom. I am grateful to have made that memory.

26 I published “Me and HD” volume 1.

27 My oldest son taught me how to make playlists on YouTube.

28 He and my middle son helped me make a playlist I could listen to to remind me of them.

29 My sister-in-law, D.K. became my sister, making her a double sis. I love her.

30 I got to spend a lot of time with double sis this summer. I love her.

31 I met four of my father’s natural sisters for the very first time.

32 I met lots and lots of cousins, too. I love all my new-found relatives and am grateful that they found us.

33 I had coffee at the Lucky Llama with my double sis. I love her.

34 I sometimes talk with MaryAlice and Rebecca, which makes me happy.

35 Rebecca told me she met a girl who remembered me from when we were in summer camp decades ago.

36 The people I work with are great.

37 I got to meet Cindy and her family at the HD walk.

38 I have a kick-ass therapist.

39 I have the best psychiatrist in the world.

40 I can still drive

41 I started going to the gym.

42 I stopped eating ice cream.

43 I have saved all my thinner clothes.

44 I have enjoyed meeting people through my blog this year.

45  I am thankful for my husband and son watching TV with the sound turned down so I can concentrate.

46 I am happy to live in New Bern.

47 I am grateful to have met new friends and neighbors this year.

48 I am happy to know the Torres family.

49 I love my prescription meds.

50 I am happy that you read my blog, people from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Isle of Man, South Africa, Israel, Sweden, Japan, Egypt, Greece and so many other countries. I wish you peace and good health in the coming year and thanks for reading.


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