Yelling “F***” in a crowded theater

(No spoilers)

We hadn’t planned to go to the movies last night. We had planned to go to a Christmas party, so I put on clothes that I thought were suitable and waited on the couch for Randy to get home from work.

He was detained and I sat there, a prisoner of my own inertia, and went through the evening reckoning of whether or not I was going to have a good night.

There had been some sort of anomaly yesterday, in addition to this unexpected delay. Earlier, I needed to take a nap to re-set myself emotionally and, after two interruptions, abandoned the idea.

So by seven o’clock, my brain was on fire. I was starting to have intrusive thoughts and my mood was going far south, but I decided that I was going to continue to sit there and pretend things were OK.

My husband came home and, since it was too late to go to the party, he said, “Why don’t we go see Star Wars?”

We were scheduled to see it Sunday, but the unexpected change didn’t bother me, because our family loves Star Wars to the point that the series oozes from our pores. So, still feeling in the midst of the moment of reckoning, but ecstatic because I was getting to do something I had waited so long for, I went with my family into the crowded, well-lit theater.

There was the excitement of anticipation in the air. My family was not the only one who was eager to see what J.J.Abrams did. Then a couple of high school boys bounded into the theater, turned to face the crowd and one of them yelled a devastating spoiler!

That’s when I said it. I rhymes with duck and I yelled out “F*** you!!!”

“They’re just kids,” my husband said. But I was still hot. In my mind I dared them to utter one more syllable, so I could grab the officer in the lobby and have them removed. It didn’t occur to me until later that what I had cried out was equally unacceptable. There were kids there, including my own!

So I watched Star Wars with a racing heart. Everything that happened in the movie, I interpreted with the spoiler in mind and every time I did that, I got mad at the  high school boy again. I was uncomfortable and wanted to go home. And the spoiler? It wasn’t even true!

I hope I learned a lesson from this:

Never yell F*** in a crowded theater.




One thought on “Yelling “F***” in a crowded theater

  1. Well Sarah, still reading your book. Will be finishing soon. I understand your feelings at the theater very well. I do not like spillers from those who have watched it before . I of course will not be daring to say it out. I am afraid of complications since I am an introvert. Merry Christmas! Love you


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