Diana Kastelic: Petitioning the President for HD/JHD

Diana Kastelic is petitioning POTUS to light the White House blue and purple for HD Awareness month in May. The adult HD ribbon is blue The Juvenile HD ribbon is purple.

As she explains in her letter to the president, “Anyone can help raise awareness. Unfortunately the people who are not directly affected by this often turn a blind eye. If the White House agrees to help us raise awareness the entire country will be forced to accept the truths about this disease . . .”

Kastelic’s idea is anything but outlandlish: The White House has already been lighted pink for breast cancer awareness and, more recently, it was lighted in rainbow colors to support same sex marriage.

Her brainstorm seems to have been a natural progression of her HD advocacy. Among her many other contributions to the HD community, Kastelic has formed a Facebook awareness group called “We Wear Blue and Purple.” For both adults and children with HD, Kastelic and her partners in advocacy make all their awareness posters and pictures blue and purple. They encourage people to copy the digital pictures and use them to spread awareness. And, as the group’s name implies, they urge people to wear blue and purple on the first day of the month to raise awareness for HD and JHD.

Back to the petition. Success would make Huntington’s disease a household name: a feat no other effort has come close to nailing. So if you are as sick and tired as I am of the era of lurking in the shadows, you’ll get behind this one. 

Click HERE to sign the petition.

Then share it with all of your friends and keep reminding them to they sign, share it, and urge others to sign, etc.

If we focus on getting as many signatures as possible on Kastelic’s petition, we could all be a part of the change that we all want for ourselves and for our children.

Right now there are 334 signatures on the petition, after only a few days.

Let’s work on doubling that number in the week to come!


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