No HD warrior deserted: A kidney for Jonathan Monkemeyer

In his February 2013 article,“‘No Marine deserted on the battlefield’: two surviving spouses join forces to speed the defeat of Huntington’s disease,” Gene Veretas tells the story of Jonathan Monkemeyer and Jane Mervar, who have joined forces and hearts to tenaciously advocate for a faster cure for HD. The article, a must read, talks about their love story, their individual struggles with HD and JHD in their families, and their commitment to being proactive in trying to find a cure.
Today I’m talking about Jonathan. Not only does he know which scientists he wants to put together in the same room with him, but he has specific suggestions that he says could cure HD. He is relentless in his pursuit towards accelerating a cure for JHD and HD. He is a bottomless pit of knowledge and is single-minded in the pursuit of his goal. If there ever was an HD Warrior, it is Jonathan.
He is also very sick, although he would rather talk about potential cures than his health.
That doesn’t change the fact that he is struggling in the battlefield, and he needs the help of the HD community and the community at large.
Jonathan needs a new kidney.
After a brush with death from a tick borne disease which caused his kidneys to fail, Jonathan bounced back. A matching donor was found (who coincidentally happens to be one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known), but was disqualified due to health reasons so late in the process that everyone’s hopes were dashed. Now Jonathan is confined to undergoing dialysis three times a week. This leaves him, one of our biggest champions, exhausted. He would rather me use this space to talk about how researchers need to look at the PKR system because he says it could have the potential to stop and possibly reverse the symptoms of HD. I will talk more about that in a later blog but not today.
Today is for Jonathan, and the campaign to get him the kidney he needs.
A facebook page has been set up as part of the campaign to help Jonathan get a new kidney.
His blood type is A, but today transplants can be done through chains of donation.
Spread the word and have your friends spread the word and help this HD Warrior get back on the battlefield.

One thought on “No HD warrior deserted: A kidney for Jonathan Monkemeyer

  1. I have expressed the willingness to give Jonathan one of my kidney’s the only Issue I can see is the finance aspects of this whole process .. If someone can find the sponsor willing to cover all aspects of cost for both parties Please contact me… As a Husband , Father of hd love ones .Papa, Great Papa.. & Advocate for Families with Hd/Jhd & Veterans… I would need someone willing to ensue my duties will continue .. I love my brother Jonathan and willing to help where I can… But can not do this alone without the financial stability that is required …


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