How to get a copy of “Life Interrupted” and other details

If you’re living with Huntington’s disease, the book “Life Interrupted” will speak directly to your heart. But if you know nothing about HD, this book will introduce you to hell on earth. Either way, you’ll finish the book telling yourself:

That’s what strength is.

That’s what courage is.

That’s what it’s like to live with the worst disease in the world.

Twelve Huntington’s disease patients and caregivers describe struggle, devastation, and life-shattering events. They cope with strength, courage, and perseverance that many of the writers didn’t know they could muster. You’ll empathize with the authors, even wondering how some of them could bring themselves to transcribe such harrowing experiences into written words.

It’s an important read. And it’s also a good read, through and through. The thread of HD/JHD is woven through disparate lives using the imaginative storytelling styles of each writer. For example, one chapter reads like a Nicholas Sparks novel while another chapter is a suspense-filled page-turner.

The book is now available for purchase at $18.95 within the following time frames:

  • CreateSpace eStore: Immediately
  • 3-5 Business Days
  • Amazon UK:  3-5 Business Days
  • Amazon Europe: 3-5 Business Days
  • The book will also be available for purchase on Kindle, no pricing and ordering info is available for that just yet.
  • Published by Help 4 HD International, Inc.
  • The authors: Ingrid Ward, Katie Lee Jackson, Vicki Owen, Pat Wolf, Sharon McClellan Thomason, Lisa Davenport, Ben Lamoreau, Frances Saldana, Sarah Parker Foster, Roberta Brink, Jeannie Grundborg, Margaret D’aiuto and Brenda Vega
  • Afterword by Jimmy Pollard
  • Foreword by Sharon McClellan Thomason
  • Edited by Sharon McClellan Thomason

Stop what you’re doing and download it right now, or order a copy today.

It will be worth the interruption.


One thought on “How to get a copy of “Life Interrupted” and other details

  1. Life Interrupted gives us an inside, heartfelt glimpse into a world that very few people could fathom. Every story, cover to cover, reached out and touched my heart. As a fellow traveler, there were moments in everyone of these accounts that had me remembering a leg of my own journey and wondering what my future would look like. The honesty and raw emotion of our lives was beautifully captured by each author. I could not put this book aside once I began reading…I was compelled to bear witness. Your stories are my stories, this book is an amazing testament to the spirit, strength, endurance and most of all, love for our Phd’s.


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