Are the masks off? YES! YES! YES!!!!

And I have seen their faces.

I saw the “Huntington’s Disease Project: Removing the Mask” in a limited screening. I don’t want to reveal too much about the contents of the movie, because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. But let me assure you that the film powerfully accomplishes what it set out to do. The movie’s mission is to raise global awareness of Huntington’s disease, dispel incorrect information and bring to light taboo subjects, like suicide, atypical sexual behavior, and financial ruin.

Not only were the masks removed. Souls were laid bare and the hardest, most painful truths were told.

And it tore my heart to pieces.

People all over the world described how their lives have been infiltrated by HD in the worst ways, ways I already knew about but didn’t want to hear. But I couldn’t stop listening. My own pain was described with exquisite perfection and I felt as if every story was mine. I was transfixed.

So I think this documentary will blow the minds of people who have never heard of, or who have incomplete knowledge of Huntington’s disease. I think it is a movie that “normal” people, after seeing it, will tell each other about. I also know it is something that those of us with HD will want our friends, relatives, and coworkers to watch, so they’ll “get it.”

I’m sorry to say that due to rules and restrictions for entries into film festivals, you probably won’t be able to view the film until 2016. But it’s July already. And this is a film that should be considered for every possible award. The filmmaker and his team tried and tried for so long to make the film, and the final product, I suspect, was more profound than any of them expected.

I was in shock for a good while after I saw the movie. But it was by no means a bad feeling. It was the unreal feeling that someone finally got it right and told our truth.

And now it can never be untold.

The masks are off for good.


One thought on “Are the masks off? YES! YES! YES!!!!

  1. This needs to be seen by everyone….doctors, emt’s, nurses, rest homes, law enforcement, fire personnel, the families and friends who stepped away, the politicians, the public, EVERYONE!! Sent from my iPhone



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