Worldwide Purple (JHD) or Blue (HD) Pie in the Face Challenge during May

Last fall, on the heels of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, the HD community surprised and delighted itself with the HD Pie in the Face Challenge.

May is HD/JHD Awareness Month. At least in the US. So there’s a good reason to throw blue or purple pies and spread those colors to raise awareness for HD and JHD around the world.

A friend of mine recently lamented that the HD awareness community risks self-limiting its expansion, thus undermining its success, because people raising awareness tend to only want to raise awareness in their own ways, via the methods they have worked so hard to create.

This is understandable. But this is an add-on, not a replacement.

Come on, throwing a pie will not undermine your branding campaign, but it might make the community see you as engaged and part of the family.

Fortunately, the HD Pie in the Face Challenge, having no “party affiliation,” doesn’t recognize organizational boundaries and is something that everyone can take part in, no matter what their favorite organization or awareness method may be. In fact, PITF videos can be used to draw attention to or raise donations for your organizations.

It just takes a little creativity and an open mind!

Here is my challenge video:

The actual, worldwide challenge from the HD Pie in the Face Challenge page is below.

Let’s see how large we can make it.

Here are a few tips.

1 Wear an old T-shirt in case of staining

2 Mix the food coloring outside to prevent staining

3 Start with one drop, then mix, then add drops until the color is just right

4  In case you had a bad art teacher, red and blue mixed together make purple

5  Post video on HD Pie in the Face Challenge page on Facebook with  ‪#‎HDPITFCPurpleandBlueinMay

6 Check to be sure the privacy settings for the particular video you are sharing are set to “Public”

7 Go ahead and get the supplies next time you go to the store

8 Get your friends and neighbors involved

9 When making purple, start with red not blue like I did.

The official Purple and Blue in May HD Pie in the Face Challenge:

Inspired by Di Marie DeRango, beginning today, May 3 and lasting until May 30th:

“Color your pie blue or purple.. use food coloring.. one or 2 drops and whip it up and place in the pie pan.. and watch peoples faces turn blue or purple.. ha ha .. that would be awesome.!!” DeRango said.

I think it will be awesome too. Let’s see how many purple and blue HD Pie in the Face Challenge VIDEOS we can post this month to raise awareness. It is up to us and our respective organizations and groups.

First I individually challenge Lisa Genova, Gene Veritas, HD Awareness, Dr. Jan Nolta, Dr. Ed Wild, Renette Davis to take a purple or blue Pie in the Face for HD Awareness.

Next I challenge each of the 2700 people who like this page and your families. Please challenge any organizations not list on this page.

Organizations this is an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for your respective causes which work towards a common end:
THE END OF HD/JHD. Therefore all the members of the following organizations are included in this MAY AWARENESS challenge:

I challenge WeHaveAFace.
I challenge Huntington’s Disease Society of America all affiliates.
I challenge Help4HD, International.
I challenge the Wilderness Kids.
I challenge HDA
I challenge HDYO
I challenge the International Huntington’s Disease Association
I challenge Fundación HD Lorena Scarafiocca
I challenge HD Reach
I challenge Huntington’s Victoria (Australia)
I challenge Huntington’s Disease Association – Austria
I challenge Huntington Liga – Belgien (frankophon)
I challenge ASSOCIAÇÃO Brasil Huntington
I challenge Huntington Society of Canada
I challenge Agrupación Chilena de Huntington
I challenge Fundacion Huntington de Colombia
I challenge Danish Huntington Association
I challenge Family Federation Väestöliitto, Finland
I challenge Huntington-Inforum (French)
I challenge French Huntington Disease Association
I challenge Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland
I challenge Italian Huntington’s disease association all branches
I challenge Fundacion Huntington Mexico
I challenge Dutch Huntington Association
I challenge Huntington’s Disease Association – Northern Ireland
I challenge Norwegian Huntington Association
I challenge Oman Huntington Disease Association
I challenge Polskie Stowarzyszenie Choroby Huntingtona
I challenge Associacao Portuguesa de Doentes de Huntington
I challenge Scottish Huntington’s Association
I challenge Huntingtons Association of South Africa
I challenge Spanish Huntington Disease Association
I challenge Huntington Välkommen till min sida på Internet
I challenge Huntington’s Disease Association – England and Wales
I challenge Caring Voice Coalition
I challenge CHDI Foundation
I challenge European Huntington’s Disease Network
I challenge EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases
I challenge Hereditary Disease Foundation
I challenge Huntington’s Disease: Bike for a cure
I challenge Huntington’s Disease Lighthouse Families

I challenge all of the support groups which I am not g oing to list but administrators please share this with your groups.

Post your videos on this page with the hashtag below. Set your privacy settings to that video only to PUBLIC, so other people can see your video.




4 thoughts on “Worldwide Purple (JHD) or Blue (HD) Pie in the Face Challenge during May

  1. The purpose/need for HD Pie in the Face is very important ……. Crucial !
    But gosh darn that was a funny video you posted …….. also. You r cute as a button! Awesome
    Luv sister sister

    Liked by 1 person

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