HD info, all in one place and calling for submissions

When I came across another HD crowd funding post on Facebook, I felt a little frustrated.

Crowd funding enabled my family to recently buy our handicapped equipped home. (YAY) I am so grateful to the many folks who helped make my next-to-biggest dream come true. One day I aspire to offer financial assistance to other people with HD. But another important commitment will be honored before I’m able to do that. Still I’d like to help in some way in the meantime.

So I searched and put as many HD friends in need I could find together on one list, thinking I could post it somewhere visible so people in the HD community will have an even better chance of seeing them.

Fast forward a day or so when I recalled seeing a really cool list of TV shows depicting HD.  It struck me that HD was depicted much more frequently than I’d thought. I wanted to read that list again, but had to search around for it. And during that search I also came across some lists of HD-related books.

Now I have to have visual information all in one place to be able to retain any of it. It is hard to go back and forth. I am also terribly unorganized. It takes me a long time to find out about things and then I promptly forget about them. If other people with HD have similar challenges, a big collection of HD resources and information, sorted out and all in the same place could be mighty useful.

What emerged was a web page of aggregated HD information, resources and links. With a nod to Craig and Angie, I named it sarahshdlist.wordpress.com  But I consider myself just its librarian. Every bit of the information is listed on the first page, so you can either read it from one page or skip to the different topics.

Please check out the site and I encourage you to submit information that would be useful or interesting. Something you think belongs there. And then share the site with people who might also find it handy. The site aims to collect submitted resources from around the world to create a tool made by all of us that we all find useful. Matt Ward described it aptly as a “community-driven collaboration.”


3 thoughts on “HD info, all in one place and calling for submissions

  1. This is rEally reAlly an amazing list/ information source. What tenacity you have Sarah!
    I’m attending our local HD Education Conference in Lompoc CA. In May. I’m hoping to find more resources to add to this ample list ( more than a list) file u have compiled!
    Thank u so much ……. For all of it!
    Luv u
    Sister …. DK

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  2. Sarah, would a Facebook page attached to this be a good idea?? If one did a google search, would it come up as info on HD? I think it is a great idea and the more who know about, will be able to use it. You are an inspiration:)

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