HD can kiss her a**

Desirae Collet


Desirae kiss my ass HD Collett is fine. Thanks.

Desirae kiss my ass HD Collett, from Temple, City, California, has been going the extra mile to promote the HD Pie in the Face Challenge.

Here’s what she’s accomplished so far, in her own words:

  • “My FAVORITE Radio duo since 1998, Heidi and Frank on KLOS 95.5 here in Southern California, have AGREED to do the #HDpieinthefacechallenge. They are going to record themselves doing the challenge and share it with me so I can show my HD peeps. Ironically they work at my dad’s favorite station and took the place of his FAV duo Mark and Brian. I know my dad had something to do with this from above and is SO happy right now. When my dad was at the very end of his HD, he required us to put on 95.5 in his room because he’s bedridden. I assume it was one of the few things he had left that made him feel normal.”
  • “I’ve sent Twitter tweets to almost 500 celebrities.” (“I’m trying to make HD kiss my ass one tweet at a time.”)

Here are her retweets so far:

  • Country singer Rodney Atkins
  •  L.A. Kings mascot Bailey

  • Yaya Han, “Heroes of Display” Syfy channel star 

  • Actress Lori Petty, who had a recurring role on “House” playing a person with HD

  • Celebrity Chef Elizabeth Falkner 

But way before the HD Pie in the Face Challenge came along, Desirae was already busy:
  • She started her own HD support group at a local hospital in 2006 because HDSA’s  group was too far 
  • She got an HD tattoo on her neck
  • She’s thrown HD fundraisers at restaurants on her own 
  • She was in a Hereditary Disease Foundation PSA with actor Tim Robbins about HD
  • She’s skydived 3 times for HD
  • She’s being honored at a local HD Walk of Hope for what she’s done for HD
“If someone tells me they don’t believe I could do something, I prove them wrong,” she says, “I think I was given HD because of my proactive “kiss my ass” way. When I’m no longer able to all these things I want to relax knowing I made a difference and did my part and really did make HD kiss my ass!”
People like Desirae kiss my ass HD Collett are helping to make the HD Pie in the Face Challenge a success. And there are more of you out there. Let me know what you’ve done and I’ll write about it here.
In the meantime, if you see DKMAHDC, thank her!

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