HD researchers, doctors and care providers take pies for HD

Yesterday a steady stream of HD Pie in the Face Challenge videos continued to appear on Facebook and Twitter, made by people touched by HD or (by now) by their “great-great-challengees.”

Then something else (unexpected but marvelous) happened:

Our HD cavalry rode in, right on time!

The very people who are trying to cure HD, as well as people who take care of HD patients, got wind of the challenge. Their response was touching, and their message to the HD community, while unstated, was unmistakably loud and clear:

“We acknowledge you, care about you and are working hard to help you.”

See for yourself:

HD research team UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures 

“Our amazing Huntington’s disease research team and friends accepted Dr. Jan Nolta’s “take a pie in the face for HD research” challenge- in a major way! Not only does this team work tirelessly in the lab to make a difference for patients and families affected by HD and JHD, but they obviously like to have some fun as well. Our incredible Heather Stewart and Kyle Fink have the speaking roles. Thank you HD team!!!! Please support HD and JHD awareness, research, and clinical care!”

Ed Wild, Ice Bucket Challenge and Pie in the Face Challenge for Huntington’s disease

“Neurologist, Huntington’s disease researcher does the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS/MND, and the Pie in the Face Challenge for Huntington’s disease.” Dr. Wild is also the man behind http://en.hdbuzz.net/

The University of Iowa Huntington’s Disease Society of America Center of Excellence does the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and the #HDPieInTheFaceChallenge

A Pediatric Hospice Team in Georgia (responding to a challenge by Cory)

“We (Pediatric Hospice Team) challenge Jaime Nelson , Eric Nelson, Dianne Gray , Leslie Geigerto the Juvenile Huntington’s pie in the face challenge. Spread the word. You have 48 hours to take care of it yourself, or we will come and do it for you! Donate to HDSA.org — with Stefanie Jayne, Megan Sidorov, Cory’s Crusade and Elaine Hoffman.”

What’s Next?

Contact HDSA Centers of Excellence nearby you and issue the #HDpieinthefacechallenge. Challenge university research hospital neurology departments. Challenge care facilities that specialize in caring for people with HD. Challenge your neurologist’s entire staff. I’ll bet they’ll be as happy as these folks were to participate.

To UC Davis, Dr. Wild, University of Iowa and the hospice team:

Thank you for your hard work on our behalf and for taking the time to help bring HD out of the shadows.


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