James Franco and HD Pie in the Face: one degree of separation

If you look at it in terms of the Kevin Bacon Game, James Franco has one degree of separation from choosing whether or not to take a pie in the face for HD.

After James Franco re-tweeted my tweet about the HD Pie in the Face Challenge, I have been tweeting him regularly to ask him to accept the challenge. But a few days ago I asked myself, if I really want to get in touch with a person, is this the most effective way to do it? No.

So I found out what agency represents him and I told the person who answered the phone this: “I’m sure that you’ve heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge. Well, there is a similar challenge for Huntington’s Disease and James Franco retweeted my tweet about it on Twitter. Now he is permanently associated with the challenge. In fact, a lot of people think he started it. I want to give Mr. Franco the opportunity to take a pie in the face for HD if he chooses to.”

There was no click.

Instead, a voice said, “Let me transfer you to his agent’s office.”

I was quickly transferred and the listener patiently listened as I told my story again.

There was no click.

Instead a voice said, “Let me give you the cell number of his publicist.”

My hands were shaking a little bit by this time, but I wrote the number down, took a deep breath, and dialed.

A woman answered. She was friendly but sounded a little tired. I was worried she wouldn’t hear my story, but I took a deep breath and repeated it word for word.

There was no click.

Instead she said, “Let me give you an email address,” and she proceeded to give me her assistant’s email address.

Two days ago I sent a written version of my verbal request to the email address. This is the person who can directly contact Mr. Franco about the HD Pie in the Face Challenge. With one action, she can give him the option to choose to help our movement explode.


Today I re-sent my email to her, and after figuring out her twitter account, politely tweeted that she should check her email for an important message.

Now I’m waiting.

I saw her picture. She looks like a nice lady. Like someone who would want to help people.

I am intentionally not mentioning any names because I think that if I had her job, I wouldn’t want to be bombarded with demands. I would just like to have the time to do my job.

I am sending her this blog with this message:

By following the proper channels, you are the only person who can enable James Franco to help raise awareness for thousands of people who have HD, which is every bit as wretched as ALS. I know you are busy. Still you are needed by many to do this one, small, good thing. I know it is within you to do it. Thanks.

I’ll be waiting…


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