Organizations report huge gains due to HD Pie in the Face Challenge!

Great news!

HDSA reported today that their online donations have quadrupled as a result of the Challenge. They’ve added the Pie in the Face Challenge to their social media and people are enthusiastically interacting.

Since the Pie in the Face Challenge,  has gained over 1,000 new active users on their its mobile App, “Help4HD International Awareness,” bringing the total international users to 21,846 users, a number that grows daily. You can download the App at 

The trailer for the documentary has been seen by an additional 10 countries (more than 30 countries total) and has gained nearly 20,000 additional views from the website, mobile App, and across all social networks. Today James Valvano said, “We’ve been blessed to receive wonderful donations via and on our way to meeting our first fundraising goal!”

Meanwhile, thousands of people from all over the world have visited this blog because of the HD Pie in the Face Challenge. Videos are coming in at a fast pace, and challenges are getting bigger and bolder. 


And its because we share the same, unrelenting determination about getting the word out about Huntington’s Disease. It is our albatross that we will no longer bear alone. We are not going to stop until the world knows about the devastation caused by HD and we are going to demand a cure. When social change occurs, things simmer for a while, then they percolate, and, finally, change explodes, We need to hold fast and keep pushing ourselves, and other people, to finally be seen.

Now is our time. It’s time to stand up in church and make an announcement. It’s time to call the local media. It’s time to get those professional athletes challenged. It’s time to make a second round of Challenges.

Because we aren’t stopping until we’ve won.



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