James Franco adds HD Pie in the Face awareness to his portfolio

James Franco, actor, writer, teacher, student, and all around renaissance man added something else to his list of accomplishments yesterday. He retweeted the HD Pie in the Face Challenge to his 2.4 million followers! I don’t know whether or not he will accept the challenge, but with the click of a button, he did a lot to raise awareness for the HD community. I included a photo of his retweet below.

Franco isn’t the only high profile person who is getting involved. A participant just challenged actor Jason Ritter to take a pie for HD.

James Valvano of WeHaveAFace,org made an expertly edited video to help launch the challenge.

Kris King also contributed a great challenge video.  Starting in May 2014, Kris cycled and ran around the coast of Britain in about 34 days to raise money and awareness for Huntington’s Disease.

Matt and Marie Ward of Nottingham helped kick off the challenge as well. For the past few years, Matt has posted a very popular video diary called “Matt Ward in HD.” Check it out if you haven’t already.

Shana Verstegen, fitness expert, world champion lumberjack athlete, fitness competitor, gymnast, pole vaulter, runner and HD advocate filmed her challenge video while she was logrolling!

Since this is a learn while we go process, here are a few ideas to help the challenge spread as quickly and smoothly as possible:

So your video can be included on the HD Pie in the Face Challenge – Huntington’s disease page, upload it to You Tube, then it can be shared on your wall as well as this page! Thank you! We want everyone to be seen!

Go through your Facebook friend list and invite them to “Like” the HD Pie in the Face Challenge – Huntington’s disease page.

Many people with HD struggle with.apathy. It is hard for us to get things done, even if we want to. This is self-limiting in our lives and certainly when trying to raise awareness. If you think your loved one exhibits apathy, it might be better to challenge his or her caregiver or friends instead. If you have HD and know you’re not up to the task, that’s OK. Ask your caregivers and friends to participate on your behalf.

Challenge local celebrities and famous people. 

Most importantly, don’t wait for the challenge to come around to you. Start your own, take a pie in the face and challenge some friends who might not know about HD. It only takes Cool Whip, a paper plate and five minutes. And it’s fun!

If you’re new to the scene, you can catch up on the details of the HD Pie in the Face Challenge by reading my two previous blog entries.

Start a challenge today! Let’s make this go viral. And thanks again, James Franco!!!



One thought on “James Franco adds HD Pie in the Face awareness to his portfolio

  1. I have challenged myself on this one and will do it today!
    I have also extended the opportunity for anyone to throw a pie on my face (just ask that they follow up with a donation for HD)

    I’ll be 49 in a few days… Huntington’s has been a part of my life each and every single day… Which, by my calculation, would be 17,913 days


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